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Adding a New B2B Sales Channel

A B2B channel is used for bulk sales and sales based on back orders to your business customers.  You can create one B2B channel per price list (B2B channel catalog).

  • Click on Channels from left menu
  • Click on Add Channel from top right corner
  • Click on B2B Sales under Offline

How to create a B2B channel?

  1. Give a name to your B2B channel. Preferably, the name ‘B2B’ so that you can easily identify the channel.
  2. Decide where to process your orders from. You have two options:
    1. Choose a facility from which you would like to process all the orders. When orders are made, they will automatically get processed from here; or
    2. Click on Manually Allocate, to allocate items from any facility you choose, when you get orders.

3. Check Allow Partial Shipments  to fulfill your orders in multiple shipments.

4. Set the currency for your channel under advanced configurations.

5. Complete the process of creating your B2B channel by clicking Create.

6. Add products to your B2B channel catalog. You can learn the methods of adding products to your B2B channel here

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