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Create and Configure your POS Store

If you are selling via your offline retail store, register that as a POS store in Primaseller application. A POS channel and POS store are physically a singular entity. The orders coming from a POS channel are fulfilled by the same POS facility.

Primaseller iPad POS

To access the iPad POS, first ensure that the POS is configured and products exist using the instructions below before proceeding.

Once done, access the iPad POS using these instructions.

  1. Click on POS icon from the left menu bar

You will land on the POS summary page with a list of current POS channels/stores and a functionality of adding a new POS store.

Add your POS Channel on Primaseller

  1. Click on the POS tab on the left-hand side of your main page
  2. Click on Add New Store that you want to add to Primaseller
  3. Provide details like Name, TIN number (Taxpayer Identification Number)
  4. Provide address and contact details
  5. Click on Save

Add Products to a POS Store

You can start adding products after creating your POS store on Primaseller. To navigate go to Products -> Channel Catalog -> Choose your store.  You have three ways to add products to your POS store:


  1. Upload Products from an excel file containing all your products and SKUs
  2. Import from Master Catalog to manually select products you want to add from your master catalog
  3. Import from Another Channel to add the same products as you have given in another already existing channel of sale

In case you don’t have products existing in your account, you will be required to add products to Primaseller first. You will then be able to add products to this channel using any of the above options.

Add a Register to a POS Store

Adding a new POS store will create a default register for it. You can access a register by going on POS from the left menu and clicking Go to Register. To add a new register follow these steps:

  1. Go to POS from the left menu
  2. Click on Settings icon beside the POS store, where you want to add a POS register
  3. Click on Add New Register
  4. On the popup screen, provide the register name and click on Save
  5. A new register will be created for that POS


Primaseller now enables you to accept integrated card payments using Square. Learn how to add a payment device to your POS from here.


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