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Assigning Orders to Facility

Channel Configuration for Automatic or Manual Allocation

Here’s how you can set a rule to assign orders of a channel (Both Online and B2B Channels) to a facility at the channel level:

  1. Click on Channels from the left menu
  2. Click on a channel name to come to it’s Channel Configuration Details Page. You will find a section named, Order Fulfillment Configuration, with two options

This configuration, at the channel level, is editable and can be modified at any point of time.

Automatically Allocate Orders: Choose this option along with a facility to automatically allocate all orders of this channel to your chosen facility.

Manually Allocate: This option is generally used when you have multiple facilities and you want to choose a facility manually for each order before fulfilling it.

Manual Assignment of Orders to a Facility

  • Click on the B2B or Online Orders from the main menu. You will land on a summary page with a list of current orders if any. Click on the Unassigned Filter 
  • Select one or more orders and click on Assign Facility
  • Select the facility from which you want to fulfill the selected orders (inventory will be blocked from the selected facility)


Q. I cannot see any of my orders under Assign Facility, do I need to worry?

A. Not really. You have probably selected the Automatic Allocation rule at the channel level and thus all your orders would have been assigned to a facility as per your set rule, by the system.

Q. Facility allocation has been set as “Automatically Allocate” for a particular channel. Can I still manually assign the orders from that channel to a facility?

A. The order will be automatically allocated – but if you haven’t shipped the order yet, you can change the facility from the order details screen.

Q. An order has a facility mentioned next to it. Can I change it now?

A. Yes, as long as the order is not shipped, you can discard the shipment if any and re-assign to order to another facility from the order details screen.

Q. A Facility is automatically assigned to my orders, how can I stop it?

A. Automatic assignment of facilities happen if you have configured the same at the channel level. To change this, go to the channel details page (Navigation: Channels -> click on the channel name for which you want to update facility allocation logic) and select Manually Allocate under the Order Fulfillment Configuration section). Click on Update to save the changes.

Q. Can I assign a facility to orders of different channels in a single go?

A. Yes. Manual assigning of facilities is independent of the channel an order belongs to.

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