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Assigning a Shipper to a Shipment in Bulk

Selecting the Shipments

To assign a shipper, select the shipments which are in the To Process Filter as shown below 

and for selected Packed Shipments click on Assign Shipper

A pop-up screen will be loaded with the details of all the selected Shipments and fields for providing inputs.

Assigning Integrated Shippers to Shipments

Primaseller offers you a list of shipper integrations which you can configure and compare rates before selecting the one offering you the best deal.

  1. Select the Shipment (s) which you want to process (if you want to process in bulk, click on Bulk operation check box after selecting the shipments, else you will have to process them one by one)
  2. Select the Integrated Shipper option8-channel-shipper
  3. Select the Shippers whose rates you want to compare from the list of configured shippers (Read more on how to configure the shippers)2-bulk-action
  4. Click on Get Rates
  5. Once you get the rates, you can compare them and decide which shipper you want to go ahead and fetch label from
    • if you are processing in bulk, then you may simply select the “Lowest Cost” shipper and each shipment will be assigned with the shipper which is offering lowest cost for it
    • after fetching the rates, if you want to see which shipper is offering
      what rates for each of your shipments, you will have to check it by clicking on the shipments one by one.
      You can change the basis on which the shipping rates were fetched:
      a) It can be on the basis of Dimensions of package which is provided by you
      b) or, it can be the pre-defined package type (which are shipper specific)
  6. Make your selection and click on Fetch Labels4-serviece-selected
  7. Click on Done

Once a shipper is assigned to them, the shipments will move to Ready to Ship stage, ready to be processed.

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