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Purchase Planning and Auto-PO Configuration

Replenishment of inventory in Primaseller can be reported as well as automated basis two strategies
  • Low Stock Report – based on Re-order Points and Re-Stock levels
  • Backorders Report – based on unfulfilled orders received

Both types of reports and subsequent automation of purchase order creation is managed under the Purchase Planning section of Primaseller.

Click on the Purchases icon from the left menu and select Purchase Planning.

Creating a Low Stock or Backorders Report

  1. From the Purchase planning section, click on Create New.
  2. In the Report Type field select Low Stock Items or Backorders from the dropdown depending on the data you want
  3. Select the facility for which you want the report
  4. Select the period for which new reports will be generated
  5. Set the time at which you want to generate your report
  6. Provide a comma separated list of email addresses to which you want to send your report
  7. Under Auto PO Creation section, choose Create PO automatically if you want to do so
  8. Select the Supplier Selection method
    • Option 1: Raise a PO for the Supplier who provides the goods at the lowest rates. If there are two suppliers who provide the goods at the same rate then the supplier with the shortest SLA period set among them will be considered.
    • Option 2: Raise a PO for the Supplier with the shortest SLA period set. If there are two suppliers who have the same SLAs, then the one who supplies the SKU at lower cost will be considered.
    • The Supplier Selection Criteria is important only if you have the same SKU supplied by multiple suppliers. If you have dedicated suppliers for each SKU, then this rule does not matter and you can choose either option.
  9. Under PO Actions,
    • Choose Save as Open PO if you want to review the PO before sending it Manually
    • Choose to Create and Send PO if you want the PO to be sent automatically

Prerequisites to Configure  Low Stock Reports 

Configure Re-Order Points and Re-Stock Levels

You need to set the following parameters if you want to generate Low Stock Reports. Please note that this is not required for Backorders reports.

  • Re-Order Point: If the total available quantity for an SKU in any particular facility is equal to or below the Re-order point of that SKU, and if a Low Stock notification report is set for that facility – it will be considered for the report.
  • Re-Stock Level: For PO Creation, the Re-stock level decides the quantity ordered of the PO which is the numerical difference between the Re-stock Level and the total quantity available.

Learn more about setting these values here

Prerequisites to Configure Auto-PO Creation from Purchase Planning Reports

  • Subscribe to our Advanced Plan
  • Enable Auto-creation of PO for your supplier
  • Map Supplier SKUs to the respective suppliers

Subscribe to our Advanced Plan

You can create Auto POs only if you have subscribed to the Advanced or Enterprise plan on Primaseller. To upgrade your plan from Beginner/Professional to Advanced/Enterprise, you can go to Settings -> Subscription & Billing and upgrade your plan from there.

Enable Auto PO creation for your suppliers

From Purchases -> Suppliers, select the desired supplier and switch on the flag “Auto PO Creation”


Map Supplier SKUs to the respective suppliers

The Supplier SKU entity maps your SKU with the Supplier. It contains:

  • SKU – Code and Name
  • Supplier SKU – Code and Name – Code and Name by which the Supplier identifies it
  • Is Pack – Whether this is a bulk pack of your base SKUs and if Yes, what is the multiple?
  • Cost Price – Cost Price of this object – If it’s a pack, it is the pack price
  • SLA – Days taken by supplier to deliver the product (optional)

You can read more about Suppliers and Supplier SKUs here

Only one Open PO can exist for a supplier. While you can create reports of both type, we recommend you use only one type of report for Auto-PO creation to avoid overwriting.


  • Automated entries in PO made by Primaseller application can be overwritten by subsequent runs of a report (daily, weekly, monthly) or manually editing quantity in open POs
  • You do not need an Advanced Plan for Low Stock or Backorders reports. You need it only to generate Auto-POs from these reports.
  • A user can create only one open PO for a Facility – Supplier Combination. If you try to raise another PO for the same combination, the system will ask you to either discard the existing PO and continue with the new one or to load the open PO again for you to add more SKUs to it.

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