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Backordering in Primaseller

What are Backorders in Primaseller?

Primaseller supports Backorders – these essentially are sale order items which do not have inventory for their respective SKUs and hence are marked as Unfulfilled. 

You can identify all items on a bulk level on both B2B and Online orders from the Unfulfilled filter as shown below: 

When do Backorders Occur

BackOrders for POS

Please note that we do not allow order creation for items out of stock in POS.

These can occur in B2B channels when inventory is not present and you have accepted orders on a Back to Back basis.

Backorders can occur in Online channels as well where:

  • You have disabled inventory sync OR
  • Actual Inventory is not synced – instead a fixed Quantity is pushed to the online channel OR
  • Your orders are being received at a frequency higher than the frequency at which we update inventory to the online channels

When do Backorders get Fulfilled?

Whenever inventory is received in the system, Primaseller automatically checks against unfulfilled items on a FIFO basis and moves them from Unfulfilled to Blocked and also deducts the newly added available inventory in the process.

You can add inventory:

How do I identify Fulfilled orders?

At an individual order level

At an individual order level, when you open the order details, all order items would have moved from “Unfulfilled” to “Blocked” stage. This means the complete order is fulfilled. If some items are yet to be fulfilled, it becomes a partially fulfilled order. You can create shipments for partially fulfilled items only in the B2B channel and not for online channels.

In Bulk

At a bulk level, the best way to identify fulfilled orders is to go the “Pending Shipments” filter under orders and attempt to create a shipment. pending shipments

After you select all orders and click on Create Shipment, you will see 3 options.

If you select option 1, then only orders which have moved to completely fulfilled status will have their shipments created. If you use option 2, even partially fulfilled orders will have shipments created (in the case of B2B orders only, not online orders).

Shipments created using this process are fulfilled and ready to be processed by you. They will appear in the “To Process” filter under shipments.


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