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Setting up Barcode Templates

Recommended Pre-Reading: Barcoding in Primaseller.

Primaseller allows you to print barcodes for your products using a few predefined templates. Users can set default templates and create more templates as per their requirement. Design any number of barcode label templates and print them for individual products. Users can also modify/delete any of the existing designs.

Printers Supported

Any Thermal Barcode Printer which supports a sticker roll of upto 10cm width can support our Barcodes. Please note that Primaseller generates Barcodes in PDF format.

Learn more about setting up your barcode printer here.

  1. Click on Settings icon from the left menu
  1. Click on Barcode Labels under Products

Design a Template

  1. Click on the Design Labels button after you have navigated to the Barcode screen as mentioned above
  2. Provide the label name
  3. Set Label dimensions as per your barcode printer
  4. Tick the Default label option if you want to make this template default
  5. Choose a barcode type from a list of standard barcodes
  6. Click on Save Label to complete creating a barcode template

  1. Go to Products in the left menu bar
  2. Click on Inventory
  3. Click on the barcode icon corresponding to the product for which you want to print the barcode
  4. In the pop-up window, select the label template which you have created earlier
  5. Choose paper roll style which gives you the option to either print one or two barcodes in a row
  6. Enter the number of labels you want to generate for printing
  7. Next, click on Generate Labels to generate a PDF file which can be printed out using your locally installed printer
  1. Navigate to Products -> Inventory
  2. Under Inventory Actions select the option to Print barcodes in bulk
  3. Dowload the sample CSV file and fill it with relevant information as shown on the upload page
  4. Upload file and submit


  • Please make sure you have the right page setup in your printer according to the label dimensions selected here. Please contact our support team in case you face an issue.
  • Click here to know how to configure printers to print Primaseller generated barcode labels


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