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Barcoding in Primaseller

Primaseller supports printing of product barcodes. Barcodes can then, whether or not printed via Primaseller, be scanned at various points in the system to

  • Create Orders (Point of Sale as well as B2B)
  • Increase, decrease inventory or manually adjust it
  • Receive inventory via a purchase order
  • Transfer between locations

Barcode values

  1. Barcode and SKU codes are set at an SKU level in the master catalog.
  2. SKU Codes need not be the same as Barcodes. SKU Codes are used for Human reading and for listing on online channels and Barcodes are for Machine reading to scan and identify an SKU. This article is a good read to understand the concept better.
  3. Primaseller does not generate barcodes automatically. You can assign them one by one while creating products or use our excel (Master Catalog upload) to assign them in bulk –
    1. For existing barcodes, copy and paste alongside appropriate SKU codes in the SKU sheet of the Master Catalog
    2. To generate new SKU codes using excel, dragging a number series across all SKUs will help you generate them faster
  4. We recommend using numbers within 10 digits for easy printing and scanning. Avoid alphabets and symbols

Printing Barcodes

Click here to learn how to configure barcode templates and here on configuring your barcode printer.

Scanning Barcodes

We support any barcode scanner which is compatible with your operating system – could be USB based as well as Bluetooth based.


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