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Capabilities of eBay-Primaseller Integration

Primaseller integrates with various eBay channels around the world giving you one platform with various features like product, inventory, and orders management to perform your daily operational tasks.

Primaseller Integrates with:

Managing Out of Stock Products on eBay


  • In India, the eBay integration is limited only to eBay Self-Ship. This is because eBay doesn’t provide APIs for Powership order processing and, thus, you cannot process your eBay-Powership orders from Primaseller
  • SKU-codes form the basic blocks of Primaseller. Make sure that you have SKU codes for all your products on eBay or else you will have to manage the mapping manually for each SKU listed on eBay.

He’s how you can create a new eBay channel on Primaseller and connect it with your eBay account.


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