Categories form the classification units of your products. A Default Category is created when your company is created on Primaseller. However, you can add as many categories as you want. Make sure that each category you are adding has a unique name. Here are the advantages of using categories:
  1. They help you organize the data in your reports
  2. They help you set different taxes for different sets of products

  1. Click on Settings icon from the left menu
  1. Click on Categories under the heading Products

Creating Categories

  1. Click on Add categorycategories
  2. Give a category name
  3. Click on Save

Adding Categories in Bulk

  1. Click on Upload Categories
  2. Download the sample Excel file
  3. Edit the Excel file as needed
  4. Click on Choose File
  5. Browse your computer for the modified Excel file
  6. Click Upload


  • Earlier, Primaseller allowed category trees. But that complicated a lot of things including taxation. Hence, we now have only a flat category structure.
  • Each category should be unique. There cannot be two categories with the same name.


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