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Common Issues faced during Magento 1 connection

Magento 1 can be tricky to connect. We typically encourage our customers to migrate to Magento 2 whenever possible which we integrate with it in a much smoother API format than with Magento 1.

Please note: We support only 1.9.x and above when it comes to Magento 1.

We notice that most issues get sorted if the below checklist is followed:

  1. Website URL

    1. When you configure your Channel, under website configuration РWebsite URL field, enter the full URL of your site with https:// or http:// depending on whether you have an SSL certificate for your magento Store Рex. https://mystore.com Рthen try to connect your store (replace mystore with your URL)
    2. If the above does not work, please add /index.php to the URL and try again. ex. https://mystore.com/index.php Рtry connecting now (replace mystore with your URL)
  2. SOAP Extension Issues

    1. If the above doesn’t work, it is possible that your SOAP extension on Magento is not installed or correctly configured.
    2. To identify this, try clicking on one of the below URLs (use https if you have SSL and add index.php if your website structure requires it)
      1. http://www.mystore.com/index.php/api/v2_soap/index?wsdl=1
      2. http://www.mystore.com/index.php/api/soap/index?wsdl=1
    3. If the SOAP extension is missing, then clicking one of the links will indicate that SOAP extension is not installed
    4. If it is installed, you will see an XML structure as shown in the image below – this is your WSDL structure – a key file required for us to connect with your magento store
    5. Download this XML and request your developer to use a “WSDL validator” to ensure that your WSDL file has a valid structure
    6. Fixing the WSDL file if the validator throws an error will usually do the trick

If all the tests above fail, please report the issue to us on our Chat Support Channel and we will further investigate it.

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