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Company Settings

  1. Click on the Settings icon from the left menu
  1. Click on Company Settings under the heading Account

This form has your company information, you can review, update, and save it periodically. This form has three sections.

Section 1: Basic Company Details 

  1. Your Company Name, which will be displayed on your invoices unless you select the check box in Section-2 to display your brand name on invoices (you can add more details in Section-2)
  2. Your Company TIN number, which can be left unfilled or as N/A if you don’t have a TIN registered yet or as Applied For if you have applied for it and are awaiting it. This TIN number is for Primaseller’s records and will not be printed on the Sales Invoices.
  3. Your Admin Email, we recommend not changing this field

Section 2: Brand and Contact Details

Information from this section is printed on your sales invoices.


  1. Brand Name
    • Select the check box “Do you use a different brand name for your business?” to add the brand name
    • Provide the brand name as required
  2. Logo – you can upload or drag and drop your company’s /brand’s logo
  3. Branding Caption
  4. Company/Brand Website
  5. Contact Email – if provided, this will be displayed on your sales invoices
  6. Contact Phone Number – if provided, this will be displayed on your sales invoices

Section 3: Company Addresses

You can provide your company’s registered address and billing address. You can keep billing address same as registered address by selecting the check box for “Same as registered address


Click on the Update button at the bottom of the page to save the changes you made.

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