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Configuring your QuickBooks Online Account in Primaseller

Please read up about the capabilities of the Primaseller – QuickBooks Online integration before proceeding.

Setup required in QuickBooks Online

In order to setup the integration in Primaseller, you need to configure both your QuickBooks Online Account first with the following:

  1. Enable Classes: Click on Settings >> Account & Settings >> Advanced >> Categories
    Settings Navigation in Quickbooks

    Please note that the navigation given below of QuickBooks applies to the US version. If you are from Canada, EU or India, the navigation might be slightly different or under different sections under settings. However the fields themselves, like “Enable/Track Classes” will exist – hence you may have to explore the settings screens to hunt them down.

    1. Track Classes – On  (Select the sub-option that says One to entire transaction )
    2. Track Locations – On 
  2. Sales Fields enablement: Click on Settings >> Account & Settings >> Sales >> Sales form content
    1. Discount – ON
    2. Shipping – ON
    3. Custom Transaction No’s – ON
    4. Products & Services – Track inventory quantity on hand – ON
      Does your QuickBooks plan support Inventory?

      Please ensure that your QuickBooks plan supports creation of inventory items. In most regions, it is the QuickBooks Plus plan.

  3. Purchase Settings: Settings >> Account & Settings >> Expenses
    1. Track expenses & items by customer
    2. Use purchase orders
  4. Enable Tax on QuickBooks:
    1. Go to tax menu on the left
    2. Click on Setup Tax
    3. Enter tax registration no (optional) & choose the filing period for your taxes (Click next & finish)
    4. It is preferable that the Tax class names are the same on QuickBooks Online & Primaseller. However, even if it is different, you can map it in the configurations

Initial Setup Required in Primaseller

Before configuring your QuickBooks Online account, please ensure your invoice number sequence being generated in Primaseller does not conflict with any existing invoices in QuickBooks or invoices that you may create in QuickBooks manually.

You can configure invoice number sequences in Primaseller from:

Settings-> Invoice Configurations -> Sequence Numbers

Configuring your QuickBooks Account in Primaseller

1. Connection

  1. Navigate to Accounting from the left main-menuQuickbooks online inventory management software
  2. Click on Add New Accounting Software button and select QuickBooks
  3. Click on the Connect to QuickBooks button
  4. You will be asked to enter your QuickBooks Online account credentials
  5. You will then be asked to give Primaseller permission to manage the transfer of data
  6. Confirm by clicking on Authorize
  7. Click on Next

2. Sync Config

In the Sync Config screen, you will be asked to choose what items you want to sync in Primaseller.

3. Map Accounts

In this screen, you will need to map QuickBooks Accounts to entries which will be created from Primaseller.map accounts in quickbooks online with Primaseller

We recommend that you use the QuickBooks accounts that we have selected in the above image for your integration as well – this ensures the right entries in standard accounts.

Unable to find the recommended Accounts in your QuickBooks Account?

Some of the above recommended accounts do not come by default with a new QuickBooks account. They get created during transactions.

  • If your QuickBooks Online plan supports inventory and you have enabled “Track Inventory Quantity on Hand” from your settings, the the following accounts should be there already:
    • Sale of Product Income
    • Cost of Goods Sold
    • Inventory Asset
  • Creating your first invoice without a Payment will auto create the A/R Account Receivable account
  • Creating your first Purchase Order will auto create the A/P Account Payable account
  • Adjusting the quantity of an Inventory product will Auto Create the Inventory Shrinkage account

However, we are not Licensed Tax and Accounting experts and we recommend you speak with your CPA/CA about it.

4. Map Payments

When Primaseller creates Payments, it will need Accounts that will be linked to the corresponding Payment Methods. Please map them accordingly.

map payments in Quickbooks online

5. Map Taxes

Please map Tax Classes in Primaseller to Tax Codes in QuickBooks

map taxes in Quickbooks online

Have you added Tax Rules?

To ensure taxes are set automatically on your Invoices in Primaseller, please setup Tax Rules based on product category and location – learn more from this link.

6. Update Products

Please choose this option to do a one-time sync of Products in Primaseller to QuickBooks online. Subsequently, all Products will be automatically synced with QuickBooks upon creation.update products

Please select the second option in case you had previously connected QuickBooks and disconnected only to connect it now again.

Do not modify products in QuickBooks

Products once created and mapped between QuickBooks and Primaseller should not be modified or deleted to be replaced in QuickBooks as it will lose a linking within Primaseller and not automatically map to the new item.

7. Select Start date and Sync

Select a start date for the Sync of all Invoices, Payments, Purchase Orders and Bills to be Synced from Primaseller to QuickBooks.

Once the date is selected, click on Sync to initiate the automatic Sync of transactions.

syncing QBO with Primaseller

Sync Status

Once you are connected, you can see the status of sync for all objects from the Accounting Menu.

Quickbooks online inventory management software by Primaseller


Which orders will be synchronized?

Only those orders whose invoices are closed (i.e. the online and B2B orders marked as Shipped, and POS orders marked as Complete) will be synced to QuickBooks Online.

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