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Configuring Product Variants

Each product can have multiple variations such as on the basis of size, color, and material type. Each of these variations will be a separate SKU in Primaseller.

If your products have variations, you will be required to configure the variation parameters and valid variation values. To configure variations, you will have to:

  1. Click on the Settings icon
  2. Click on Variant Configuration under Products
  3. Click on Add New Variation Label
  4. Provide a Variation Label Name and variation values corresponding to it
  5. Click on Save

product variants in Primaseller

If you haven’t configured Variants in the settings, you can configure them directly when adding a new product on Primaseller.

Each SKU will have a default Listing Price as well as a Default Selling Price. You can also save an SKU’s cost price which can be used for calculating profits on your sales.

Each SKU should have a Product Code mapped to it. But the opposite is not mandatory. You can have products without any SKUs mapped to them.

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