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Configuring a Receipt Printer

You need to select the right template in Primaseller and also configure your printer in your system correctly.

Selecting Invoice Template

  1. Navigate to Settings -> Invoice Configuration
  2. Click on Edit for the channel that you want to edit the template for or add a new template for a specific channel Invoice configuration for receipt printers
  3. Select the 80mm Reciept Printer Template and add/modify other options available in the template 

Check Local (System) Printer Configurations

Usually, most local configurations work by default but if you see that the invoice isn’t printing correctly please check the below:

Printer Preferences

Contact your printer vendor to make sure your printer preferences are for the page type to be “Continuous” and Page width for the “Paper Type/Size” preference is matching your roll (80mm or 100mm)

Browser Preferences

  • When you print an invoice the first time, make sure the right Paper Size is selected – should be the same as per the paper size configured in the printer preferences.
  • Margins should be Minimum
  • Do not use headers and footers
  • Do not include background graphics Browser preferences for receipt printer

If these settings are done correctly, the invoice will print perfectly. If not, we recommend re-checking the system Printer Preferences which can be accessed when you select “Print using system dialog” or contact your Printer Vendor for further assistance.

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