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How to Connect with DHL Global Mail International

Shipments to International Destinations

If you are using DHL for shipments with international destinations (from USA to around the world), add DHL Global Mail International from the list of available shippers from our Shipper Configuration page and fill in the following details in the form to connect Primaseller with your DHL Global Mail International account:

  • DHLGMI Account Number: your DHL Account Number, e.g. 5412533
  • DHLGMI Pickup Number: your Pickup Account Number, e.g. 4587452
  • DHLGMI Processing Terminal: assigned based on your location, e.g. ORD
  • FTP User ID: your assigned FTP login ID
  • FTP Password: your assigned FTP login password
  • FTP Account: your assigned FTP directory/path

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