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How to Connect with DHL Global Mail

DHL Global Mail is for shipments shipped within the United States

If you already have a DHL account set up, adding it to Primaseller is simple. After creating a new DHL shipper on Primaseller provide the following details necessary for connecting Primaseller with your DHL account:

  • DHL Global Mail Pickup Number: your DHL Account Number, e.g. 5421154
  • DHL Global Mail Username: DHL provided web services ID
  • DHL Global Mail Password: DHL provided web services password
  • DHL Global Mail ClientID: Identifier for accessing web services, e.g. 28451
  • DHL Global Mail Facility Code: assigned based on your location, e.g. USORD1
  • DHL Global Mail Mailer ID: only used for DHL flats, can be left blank
  • DHL Global Mail Return Location ID: used only for returns, can be left blank if not using DHL for return services


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