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Connecting a SocketMobile Scanner

The Primaseller iPad POS App, in addition to an in-built camera scanner, is compatible with SocketMobile Bluetooth scanners. Supported versions: D700, D730, D740, S700, S730, S740, S800(8Ci), S850(8Qi), 7Ci, 7Di, 7Mi, 7Pi

To connect a SocketMobile scanner to the app:

  1. Turn on your SocketMobile Scanner
  2. Configure the scanner to the iOS mode by scanning the below command code: 
  3. Connect to the iPad via Bluetooth by navigating to the iOS Settings page, enabling Bluetooth and selecting the scanner.
    Unable to re-connect the scanner?

    Try the following:

    1. Go to your iOS Settings -> Bluetooth. You will see the scanner in your list ‘My Devices’
    2. Tap on the scanner, select ‘Forget This Device’. Then, ‘OK’.
    3. Power the scanner OFF and then back ON to get the device to reappear in your Bluetooth Settings.
    4. Tap the ‘Socket’ device in your Bluetooth settings to reconnect the scanner


  4. In the Primaseller POS app on the iPad, go to Settings -> Scanner and select the Bluetooth scanner option
  5. Start using the scanner on the “Sell” screen to scan products. You will be able type in values like Discount, Customer Name etc. in all fields which accept a text input while the scanner is still connected.

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