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Manually Creating a B2B Sales Order

You can manually add B2B orders for which you do not need the B2B Portal Add-on.

Steps to create a new B2B order:

  1. Click on the B2B menu item from the left, which will take you to the B2B orders page
  2. If you have access to more than one B2B channel, please select the channel for which you want to create a new order.
  3. Click on Create Order to create a new B2B order
  4. You can add products to your order by
    • Searching for the product in the left grid by going through the pages; or by using the SKU code or name in the search bar and clicking on the product’s thumbnail OR
    • By scanning the Barcode of the product
  5. You can increase the quantity of the products either by
    • Clicking multiple times on the same thumbnail; or
    • Scanning the same barcode multiple times; or
    • Using the +/- buttons under the Quantity column on the right hand side where the order is being constructed
    • Directly entering the quantity in the space provided under the column, Quantity.
  6. You can select the sales representative for the transaction. You ca even add new sales representative by clicking “Add New”
  7. Set the selling price for any SKU by editing it in the text block for selling price
  8. Providing discounts: You can add discounts in two ways
    1. At order item level – by clicking on the corresponding “Price” value for that order item and then giving the discount either as a percentage or in absolute money value. Also, If you want to apply a similar discount throughout your order you can click on the column header Price and enter the discount in percentage. This discount will be applied to all order items in that particular order
    2. At order level – By clicking on Order Discount at the bottom of the order.
  9. Other charges like packing charges, home delivery charges, etc. can be added, if required, by clicking on “Add Service Items” at the bottom of the order
  10. Click on Place Order
  11. Add customer details in the Order Review section.
  12. Provide customer details like name, phone, and email. Primaseller auto-fetches customer details from the database from initials of entered registered mobile number, email id or name, if he is a returning customer. You can also update customer shipping details.
  13. Additionally, you may also provide a Purchase Order Number, corresponding to that order.
  14. Select the mode of payment as cash, card, or credit. Also, User may choose to have multiple payment methods for a single order. Hence, users can record if a customer pays a part of the order amount by cash and remaining by card. You can now click on Complete to complete that order.
  15. You will receive a success message about the order being created. You will be redirected to the B2B Orders processing tab where you will be able to process this order.


  • Comments are internal to your business and Primaseller will not be print it on the invoices

To read about processing B2B orders (which is similar to processing online orders), please click here.

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