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Creating a New POS Order


The below instructions are for our web app (browser based) POS. For our iPad POS Order creation and management, check out this article.

  • Click on POS from the left menu
  • Click on Register for the store and register where you want to place the order

Create a New Retail Store (POS) Order:

A Register is your cash counter in the store where the order will be placed.

  1. Click on Create Order
  2. Add products to your order by
    • Searching for the product in the grid on the left
    • Using the SKU code or name in the search bar and clicking on the product’s thumbnail
    • Scanning the barcodes: Place the cursor in the text block and start scanning the products
  3. Edit the quantity of the products by any of the following methods
    • Clicking multiple times on the same thumbnail
    • Scanning the same barcode again
    • Using the +/- buttons under the quantity column on the right-hand side where the order is being constructed
    • Directly entering the quantity in the space for quantity
  4. You can select a sales representative at the POS. You can even create new Sales representative by clicking “Add New”
  5. Set the tax applied to any product, if required, by clicking on the tax value for that particular product. You can also change tax for the complete order by clicking on the column header-“Tax”.
  6. Providing discounts: You can add discounts in two ways
    • At the item level – by clicking on the corresponding “Price” value for that order item and then giving the discount either as a percentage or in absolute money value. Also, If you want to apply a similar discount throughout your order you can click on the column header Price and enter the discount in percentage. This discount will be applied to all order items in that particular order
    • At the order level – by clicking on Order Discount at the bottom of the order.
  7. Other charges like packing charges, home delivery charges, etc. can be added, if required, by clicking on “Other Charges” at the bottom of the order
  8. Drafting an order: You can save a POS order as a draft which you can later continue to complete. (Note: Inventory will not be blocked for draft orders)
  9. Click on Pay
  10. Provide customer details like name, phone, and email. Primaseller auto-fetches customer details from the database from initials of entered registered mobile number or name, if he is a returning customer
  11. Select the mode of payment as cash, card, or credit. Also, user may choose to have multiple payment methods for a single order. Hence, users can record if a customer pays a part of the order amount by cash and the rest by card
  12. Your order is now placed
  13. You can then choose to email the invoice and/or print the invoice for that particular order
  14. Add comments to any order

Please Note

  • If you are unable to find your SKU in the list of SKUs present in the left grid and if the product exists in the Primaseller Master Catalog and Inventory, you can add that product to this channel catalog by clicking on Add Product on the top of the grid.
  • Primaseller applies discounts before calculating the taxes on products added individually or by clicking the tag on the header row. However, Primaseller applies discounts after calculating taxes on orders with Other Discount. 
  • If you intend to synchronize your orders with Quickbooks Online, then we recommend you to not give any Other Discounts as in Primaseller these discounts are outside the scope of the tax, whereas in QBO, they are within the scope of the tax. This will impact the total tax and final payment amount of the order when updated on QBO.
  • You will only be able to add a number of products that is less than or equal to the quantity available for that product in that facility
  • Comments are internal to your business and Primaseller will not print it on the invoices


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