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Creating and managing Store orders using the iPad POS

Creating POS Orders in the iPad Native POS is not too different from the process in our web-app – click here for instructions for the Web App (browser based) POS. 

Limitations of the iPad POS

Please note that the iPad POS app can only be used to create, view and return orders.

For everything else including creating products, modifying inventory, reviewing customer data, etc., please access your account from a browser using your subdomain link or from the login page.


To Setup your iPad POS, please check these instructions.

Creating a New Order

  1. When you login, select a register you will make the sale from OR  from the hamburger menu, select the Sell option
  2. Add Customer Details – (Note: this is a variance from the current web-app which has the Customer Details added int he next screen). This step is optional, but recommended.
  3. Scan your barcodes using the camera or SocketMobile Scanner which is connected to your iPad via Bluetooth – items will be added to the cart
  4. Add Discounts, check taxes
  5. Proceed to the Payment screen
  6. Select your Payment method – You can choose
    1. custom payment methods like Cash/Card,
    2. integrated payment methods like Square
    3. On-Account of the customer
    4. Store credits if available
  7. If you select Square as your payment method and your Square account is connected, you will be routed to the Square App. Swipe/Tap/Insert the customer’s card and it will be charged accordingly
  8. The order is now complete.
  9. In the subsequent confirmation screen, click on Print or Email Receipt depending on your preference

Returning/Exchanging an Order

From the menu, select Orders. Search for your order and click on it to see order details. Click on Return to initiate the Return to Refund OR the Exchange flow.

For the exchange flow, proceed as your would for any normal order.


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