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Deactivating and Activating SKUs

Deleting SKUs

SKUs linked to transactions cannot be deleted. They can only be deactivated.

We do not allow bulk deletion of products. You need to delete them one by one as it is dangerous to expose this functionality enmasse.

You can activate/deactivate SKUs in Primaseller. Deactivating an SKU delists it from all existing channel catalogs and also hides it from the inventory list view. You can activate the SKU again at a later date as well.

Deactivate Individually 

  1. Click on Products from left menu
  2. Then select “Master Catalog”, click on the product you want to modify
  3. On the next page, under SKU, click on Edit SKU under the Actions tab
  4. To activate/deactivate the SKU code click on the Status toggle bar
  5. Click on Save

Learn how to change SKU code

Deactivate SKUs in Bulk

Here’s how you can deactivate SKUs in bulk using the Master catalog excel file:

  1. Download your existing Master Catalog by navigating to Products -> Master Catalog -> Product Actions -> Download Products
  2. Open the file and go the SKUs sheet on the file
  3. Update the ‘Status’ column in the SKU sheet with INACTIVE for SKUs that you want to deactivate
  4. Save and Upload the file from the Upload Products Option

This will deactivate SKUs in Bulk


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