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Deleting Objects in Primaseller

The following objects can be deleted in Primaseller:


SKUs can be deleted as long as they don’t have any transactions associated with them.

To delete an SKU, go to your product details and from the Actions dropdown, select Delete SKU 


Products can be deleted as long as it has no SKUs that belong to it.

Navigate to the Product details page and click on Delete Product. 


Deletion of a Category will prompt you to select another category to which you would want to move linked products to.

Navigate to Settings ->Categories and click on the delete icon next to the Category name. 


You can delete a channel but you will no longer have access to it’s transactions. Please be really careful about deleting the channel as transactions cannot be retrieved once deleted.

You can delete a channel from the Channel details page:


A facility can be deleted as long as it has no channels associated with it for automatic order allocation. All transactions that exist in that facility as well as inventory information will be lost.

Navigate to Settings -> Warehouses & Stores and navigate to the details page of the facility you want to delete. Click on Delete Facility.

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