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Setting Up Facilities (POS Store and Warehouse)

A facility is a storage location where you keep your stock or inventory. Inventory/Stock is the count of products that you have with you. A facility can be your warehouse or retail store.

Difference between POS and Warehouse

Both POS and Warehouse are facilities that store inventory(stock) of items present in your master catalog and can be linked to online channels as well as B2B channels for Inventory Sync and Order Fulfillment.

The only difference is that in the POS Facility, you can also additionally have a POS channel to accept orders from your walk in customers for your Brick & Mortar Store.

If you do not have a Brick & Mortar store/Kiosk for walk-in customers, then do not create a POS channel. A warehouse will suffice.

Navigate to the Facilities section using instructions given below. You will land on the facility summary page. You can either add a new facility here or modify existing facilities.

  1. Click on the Settings icon from the left menu
  2. Click on Warehouses and Stores under Facilities

You will land on the facilities home page.

 Adding a New Facility

  1. Click on Add Facility at the top right corner.
  2. Choose whether the type of facility is a store or a warehouse. If Store is selected, then two things are created.
    1. The facility itself and
    2. A POS channel. To create a POS channel you need not go to Channels section. Instead, it is created here itself
  3. Fill in the details like name of the facility, TIN, contact, address
  4. Click Save

 Modifying an Existing Facility

  1. To modify a facility, click on the facility that you want to modify
  2. Click on Edit Facility Info
  3. Click on Save


  • POS store and POS channel are a single entity.
  • Adding a new Store will create a default register for the store.
  • Online Channels and B2B channels can be mapped to both type of facilities

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