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How to Get Connection Credentials for Canada Post


Get API key

1. Register with Canada Post

If you already have a Canada Post username and password, Sign in to the Canada Post website.Need a username and password? Sign up here.

Note: It might take around 24 hrs for your Canada Post account to go live.

2. Join the Developer Program

Once you’ve signed in to Canada Post, select Join Now. Read and accept the terms and conditions of the Program to become a member.

3. Get your API keys

API keys are unique codes that identify your application each time it makes a call to one of Canada Post’s services. Once you’re a member of the Developer Program and are signed in to the Canada Post website, your keys will be displayed on the main Developer Program page.

Use the Production key to setup Canada Post in Primaseller.

Get customer Number 

A Customer Number gives you access to Canada Post’s shipping tools and to lower postage rates. There are 2 ways to get a customer number for your business:

  • Sign a volume-based contract

If you plan to ship at least 1,250 domestic parcels a year or 100 international parcels, you may qualify for volume discounts. To apply, call Canada Post at 1-866-757-5480.

  • Join Solutions for Small Business

Small businesses save on shipping and mailing. No contract required. Join Solutions for Small Business™ to get your Customer number.

You can visit the Canada Post website for more details.


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