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Handling Multiple SKU Codes for the Same Product on Online Channels


Before we begin, you need to understand that each Online Channel has its own channel catalog that can be found from Products -> Channel Catalog -> Select Channel.

Each row in a channel catalog is a Channel SKU record which has the following key codes:

  1. SKU Code – Your unique code to identify the product which will be tied to inventory
  2. Seller SKU Code – The Code you have used to list your product on a particular channel – it may be different from your SKU Code internally if your coding methodology evolved since you listed it. However, ideally it should be the same as your SKU Code.
  3. Channel SKU Code – This is a code that is auto-generated by the channel itself and this is how the channel identifies your product

Let’s understand the need for the three codes in the following examples.

Example 1: Say you are selling a Pen and you use a code “ABC101” for it in your warehouse (local system). When you list it on Amazon you use “ABC101_MFN” as your SKU code and Amazon generates “B09BDFE85” as ASIN for that product.

In this case

  • ABC101 will be your SKU code which is reference point of your inventory
  • ABC101_MFN is the Seller SKU code as listed by you on Amazon and
  • B09BDFE85 will be the Channel SKU code for this product for Amazon Channel in Primaseller.

Example 2: Now, assume that you are selling the same product on eBay as well. On eBay, when you upload the product, you give the SKU code as “ABC101_EBay” and eBay generates an Item Id “1212432546454” for it.

This will make

  • ABC101 will remain as the SKU code which is reference point of your inventory
  • ABC101_Ebay as the Seller SKU code and
  • 1212432546454 as the Channel SKU code generated by eBay for your product

Now, consider that you are also selling on Amazon.com and via your own shopping cart which is built on Magento. The Primaseller SKU code remains the same in all the cases. It will be “ABC101”. You may / may not use same Seller SKU code on each marketplace.

An illustration

Same Core SKU listed on different channels with different SKUs

If you have a core SKU code that is listed on multiple channels with different SKU codes, then linking the SKUs together will require manual effort.


  1. Decide on the SKU Code which will be internally relevant to your system – let’s call this SKU_CODE_CORRECT. You may have it listed correctly on some online channels with this same SKU Code and no action is required on this channels.
  2. Let’s say the core SKU is listed incorrectly on channel B where instead of using SKU_CODE_CORRECT, you used SKU_CODE_WRONG.

Doing it one by one

  1. Go to Products -> Channel Catalog -> Select Channel B
  2. Search by Seller SKU Code for SKU_CODE_WRONG
  3. Click on the edit icon
  4. Edit the SKU field and remove SKU_CODE_WRONG and search and add SKU_CODE_CORRECT
  5. Click on Save

Now the inventory of SKU_CODE_CORRECT will be updated to Channel B to the item where SKU_CODE_WRONG is listed.

Doing it in bulk

  1. Go to Products -> Channel Catalog -> Select Channel B
  2. From the Channel Action dropdown on the top right, select the Download option. A task to download will be initated. Download and open the file from the Tasks page once the task completes.
  3. Open the file and in the SKU Code field, replace SKU_CODE_WRONG with SKU_CODE_CORRECT 
  4. Do this for all applicable SKUs and save the file on your desktop
  5. On the Channel Action dropdown, select Upload Products
  6. Browse and add the file saved in step 5 and Upload it
  7. Mappings will be now correctly linked to the right inventory item


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