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Handling Unmapped Items

Unmapped Items and Corresponding Channel SKUs

Unmapped order items are the items of an order that are not mapped to an SKU which is already available in your master catalog (Products and SKUs). Our system is unable to understand which SKU that order corresponds to which means there is no corresponding mapping of the Channel SKU in the order and an SKU in the Channel Catalog. 

There are three reasons why this can happen:

  1. Your Online Channel Catalog does not have SKU codes. This is a common reason for channels such as eBay, Shopify and WooCommerce where entering SKU codes is not mandatory. In such cases, orders are fetched and marked as unmapped. To resolve this, you must ensure all your listings on your online channels have SKU codes.


2. You created a Product/SKU in your channel and did not trigger a Sync All action for the channel which would otherwise have auto-created the SKU 


3. You have fetched an order for a previous date which was for an item which is no longer active in your current channel catalog that was synced 

Each unique unmapped Order Item also creates an Unmapped Channel SKU entry.

Identifying Unmapped Items

You can find unmapped products either in Order Items or in the Channel Catalog.

Under Order Items

Once you are in the Orders menu, you can find an option for unmapped items in the Order Items sub-menu.

You can also use the filter using Unmapped Status under the same Order Items sub-menu.

Under Channel Catalog

Unmapped Channel SKUs for each channel will be listed under the Channel Catalog without any SKU code corresponding to them. You can also filter these SKUs as shown in the image below:

Resolving Unmapped Items

You can resolve Unmapped items by do one of the following:

  1. Clicking on Sync All in your Channel Catalog.
  2. As long as the product is active in your Online Channel, it will get fetched and will resolve all associated unmapped items.


2. Click on Add SKU for each unmapped item. A Wizard will open up where you can:

  • Map it to an existing SKU


  • Add the new SKU to an existing product by searching for it


  • Create a new Product as well as SKU and map it

As soon as mapping is resolved for these products, the order items under the order Item sub-menu will have the respective inventory blocked as per the normal flow.

Processing Unmapped Order Items Without Mapping

In some instances, you may want to process an order without mapping it. For example, old orders that you receive for products that are no longer active and hence, shouldn’t be in Primaseller. Processing unmapped orders is possible in Primaseller. In case you opt for this, here’s are some things to note:

  • As unmapped order items impact only the inventory status and not the operating status, Primaseller allows such orders to be processed. You will  however, see a warning message displayed.
  • Inventory status of unmapped products will not be updated on any of your channels
  • You will not be allowed to create invoices for unmapped items


Q. If I map an unmapped item, what happens to the inventory?

A. As long as the order item in unfulfilled, the inventory will get deducted and it will move to blocked. However, if you have moved the item to Blocked(forced) before mapping it, then inventory will not be deducted.

Q. The unmapped order items are displayed as unfulfilled, why?

A. Since the unmapped order items don’t have a corresponding SKU code in the Product Master Catalog, they don’t have any inventory recorded against them in the system. This is why they are displayed as unfulfilled.

Q. Can an unmapped order item be canceled?

A. Yes, it can be canceled and will be subsequently updated in the shipment and invoice, but the inventory will not be added back as it does not have any corresponding SKU in your product master catalog.

Q. I processed an unmapped order item and it was delivered to the customer. Now that order item has been returned by the customer. Can I manage returns for this item in Primaseller?

A. Yes, you can update the order item status to Return in Progress and further as Returned but you will not be able to manage its inventory in Primaseller until the mapping for the order item is resolved.

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