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Connecting your eBay Store to Primaseller

Recommended Pre-reading: eBay – Primaseller Channel Capabilities


Please make sure that you have an SKU code on eBay for each of your products, otherwise it won’t be possible for Primaseller to auto-synchronize the channel.

If while adding a product on eBay, you are not asked for an SKU code, please subscribe to Selling Manager/Selling Manager Pro and use the custom label field for SKU codes.

Creating an eBay Channel

After logging in to your Primaseller account, please do the following:

  1. Navigate to Channels from left-side main menu
  2. On the Channels page, click on ‘Add Channel’ and choose the country specific ‘eBay’ channel that you sell on
  3. You will now be taken to the page Create, where you can create a new eBay channel to display your products

Under create, you will have to give the following information:

  1. Name: Give a name to your eBay channel. Preferably, the name ‘eBay‘ prefixed/suffixed with the country’s name/initials so that you can easily identify the channel.
  2. Inventory Source: Choose the facility from which you want to push inventory on to your eBay channel. Click on the drop down under ‘inventory source’ and choose any, or all facilities.
    • If you want to push the actual inventory at a certain facility that you have chosen for eBay sales, click on ‘Actual Inventory’.
    • If you only want to push a certain number of items from that facility, click on ‘Fixed Inventory’. You will be asked to provide the exact inventory count you want pushed to eBay.
  3. Order Fulfillment Configuration: Select the facility to which orders will be allocated for fulfillment. By clicking ‘Manually Allocate’ you will be able to allocate orders manually from any facility you wish
  4. Shipping Configuration: By clicking on ‘Add default shipping cost’, you can add a default shipping cost to all your SKUs. This can be changed later by editing the channel SKU.
  5. Advanced Configuration: If you choose not to have an inventory update or price update for your product at eBay channel, you can choose either, or both, by clicking on the respective boxes
  6. Invoice Configuration: You can set the date on invoices using this configuration. You will have three options to choose from:
  • Current Date: The invoice date will be the invoice creation date.
  • Date of sale: The invoice date will be the date on which the order was created.
  • Date of shipment creation: The invoice date will be the date on which the shipment for the order was created.

Connect the Channel

Click on the Create button after filling all the details on Primaseller, you will be redirected to eBay for authentication.

(If you are updating the channel and then trying to connect to eBay for authentication, there will be a button with display text as “Click here to connect with your Ebay Account“. The button will be visible only if the channel is Active but Disconnected)

Provide credentials and give Primaseller the permission by selecting the checkbox.

You will be taken back to Primaseller, with a success message, if the authentication is properly done.


You can now go back to channels and click on Channel Name to view/update the channel details and View Products to add/update products.

Adding Products

Click here to know how to add products and manage listings

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