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Products in Primaseller

  • Click on Products from the left menu

You will see four options in the menu:

  1. Master Catalog
  2. Inventory
  3. Channel Catalog
  4. Composite SKUs

Master Catalog (Products and SKUs)


Products are your goods of sale – this is essentially your catalog. Each product is identified with a unique Product Code which cannot be repeated across other products. Under the Master Catalog section, you can add products, view them, and download the product details along with their SKUs.

Click here to learn how to add products


SKUs belong to Products and these are the objects that have inventory. Each product can have one (if product has no variations) OR multiple SKUs (If product has variations on the basis of size, color, material type, etc). Each of these variations will be a unique SKU in Primaseller.

Click here to learn how to configure Variants


Inventory is the stock quantity of your products. This indicates how many units of your SKUs are lying in your store or warehouse (facilities). Under this section of your application, you can perform inventory actions like adding, editing, and transferring.

Click here to learn how to add/adjust inventory

Channel Catalog

The set of SKUs that you list on each channel is called its channel catalog. In this section of your application, you can perform channel specific product actions like syncing the products with your channels, uploading products, and importing from another channel.

Each channel SKU will carry some identifiers. These identifiers are used to help the product relate to that specific channel, including seller SKU code, channel SKU code, listing and selling price, etc.

Click here to learn how to integrate channels with Primaseller

Composite SKUs

Composite SKUs are combinations of SKUs that you may want to sell as Kits or Bundles. Click here to read more about them.

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