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Inventory in Primaseller

While the Master Catalog holds the definition of the Products and their SKUs, Inventory describes the stock levels of all the SKUs.

Navigate to Products -> Inventory


When on the Inventory Page, you will see a table that looks like this: 

Here is what these columns mean:

  • Available – This is stock available for you to sell and is the same quantity which is pushed to online channels.
  • Blocked – This is the quantity which has been reserved/allocated for online or B2B orders received in the system but not yet shipped out. Once shipped, the quantity will drop accordingly. 
    Force Blocked Items

    If an item of your Online or B2B Order remains ‘Unfulfilled’ and you then try to create a shipment without waiting for it to go to ‘Blocked’ by our fulfillment system, in that case our system will forcefully move it to ‘Blocked’ and set the Flag “Forced” to true. This means that even if you add inventory later, this order item will never refer to inventory.

  • Back Order – This is the quantity against which you have received orders but do not have stock in the facility. Learn more about Backorders here.
  • Pending Receipt – This is the quantity for which you have sent purchase orders to your suppliers but are yet to receive stock.

Please watch out for the facility filter at the top of the table to identify which physical location is being referenced for the inventory levels displayed.


At the end of to each SKU row, you will see a set of action icons.  The four icons represent:

  • Inventory Edit – This includes actions like Adding, Deducting, Adjusting or Marking inventory as Damaged. You can also convert an SKU into a Composite SKU or Delete it from here.
  • Barcode Print – Print barcodes for this SKU based on templates configured.
  • View History – View the History for this SKU including all modifications, sales and purchases
  • View Damaged Stock – View Damaged Stock if any for this SKU

Bulk Actions

You can upload to edit or add, download, transfer inventory or print barcodes in bulk from the Inventory Actions drop down on the inventory page as shown below: 


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