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Why is my inventory not syncing with my online channel?

Sometimes due to an incorrect configuration or under certain unique conditions, you may see that the inventory in your online channel isn’t getting synced correctly from Primaseller. Here is a step by step guide on how to identify the issue.

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Check your channel configurations

Did you check your channel configuration? Navigate to Channels > Select the name of your Channel to see the channel configuration page. Check for two things:

  1. Inventory Source – is your channel reading from the Facility you intended it to? If not, change it and initiate a “Sync All” task from your Channel Catalog Page.
  2. Scroll down to Advanced Config to ensure that your inventory sync is enabled

If not, change it and initiate a “Sync All” task from your Channel Catalog Page.


Check if the SKU is Present in the Channel Catalog

  1. Navigate to Products > Channel Catalog and select your online channel
  2. Search for the SKU you want to investigate – For your inventory to be syncing, it needs to be
    1. Present in the channel catalog when you search for it
    2. Showing as synced (green check mark)
    3. Synced recently (whenever the inventory was last modified) as shown below

Case 1: SKU is missing in the channel catalog:

If the SKU is missing in the channel catalog, it could be because of the following reasons:

  • You listed this SKU as a new product on your online channel panel but did not click on “Sync All” to fetch it into Primaseller. If you had done this, Primaseller would have created an entry for this SKU in the Master Catalog (if not already present) and in the Channel Catalog as well
  • In some channels like Shopify or eBay, if you have not listed your SKU code explicitly on the channel, Primaseller will be unable to add it to our Master Catalog itself. Please ensure all your products have SKU codes on your online channels.

Case 2: SKU is present but sync status is “Failed” or “Pending”

If the SKU is present in the channel catalog, then the following issues could be present:

  • You do not have a Channel SKU value set – this is because you manually added the SKU to the channel catalog. In such cases, please click on the Sync button next to the product in the channel catalog.
  • If all entries in the Channel Catalog do not have a channel SKU code, please click on the “Sync All” button instead.
  • If it still doesn’t sync, It could also be the case that you are syncing with a product that does not exist on the online channel. You can see the failure reason by hovering over the danger icon. 
  • If the status is pending, please wait for a while – it will eventually move to Synced status or Failed status. If it is stuck in pending for too long, click on Sync All once again to see if the issue persists. Contact us on our chat support if the issue persists for several hours after clicking on Sync all and the report for the sync (found in Tasks) says the task was completed.

Case 3: I clicked on “Sync All” but something is not right

The best thing about a “Sync All” is that you can understand what happened when the task completes.

A report is created which will indicate how many SKUs were created and how many failed which can be accessed from the Tasks List.

Navigate to Tasks and wait for your channel Sync All Task to complete. Once you click on “View Report” for a task, you will see the results for yourself and identify reasons for products not syncing.

Case 4: I received an order for out of stock items

Two common issues when inventory sync is enabled but numbers don’t match could be:

  1. If you are low on stock and you received too many orders online back-to-back from more than one channel for a given SKU and hence Primaseller did not have a chance to mark it as out of stock in the other channel before the next order was received. This is nothing we can do to prevent and is an edge case for unfulfilled items from online channels.
  2. An online order was returned or cancelled in Primaseller which re-stocked an item and Primaseller updated this to your online channel.

Check your inventory history for that SKU and the facility linked to the channel to identify both issues.

If none of these tests work, please contact us using our chat support and we’ll help you figure the issue out.

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