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Inventory Source – What quantity is pushed to online channels

There are two core concepts to understand here:

  1. Channels by themselves in Primaseller do not store Inventory. Facilities(Locations) do store inventory. A Facility can be a POS Store (brick & mortar) or Warehouse.
  2. How you link Channels to Facilities is what determines what quantity is pushed as illustrated in the image below where you have one retail store, one warehouse and 2 online channels.

Mapping Facilities to a Channel

When you create an online channel – there are three places where you need to link a Facility:

  1. Inventory Source – If you want to use the actual inventory source, select one or all facilities. If All facilities is selected, a sum total quantity across locations is pushed to the online channel. We will talk about Fixed and Range Inventory in the next section.
  2. Order Fulfillment Configuration – When online orders are fetched into Primaseller, this is the facility where they are allocated for blocking(reserving) of inventory. Logically and typically, the Inventory Source Facility and Order Fulfillment Facility are the same  – but you can keep it different if your business case compels you to.
  3. Auto Create Product  – This Facility is where inventory is added when a new product is fetched from a channel along with the quantity. Again, ideally, Inventory Source Facility is the same as the facility where you want to Auto Create Inventory.

Inventory Source Policies

Actual Inventory

This means that the stock levels present in the facility set as Inventory source will be used as is to send to the online channel on any change in quantity

Fixed Value

Sometimes, for some or all SKUs of a channel, you may want to push a quantity that is higher or lower than the actual quantity and always keep it set to this quantity. That’s when you use Fixed Inventory levels.

Inventory Range

Range is a variation of fixed inventory where you can set a Ceiling and Floor value and actual inventory, when in that range will be updated to the channel. Else either the Ceiling (if inventory > ceiling) or the Floor (if Inventory < Floor) will be pushed.


  • Inventory held in facility: 3 , Ceiling : 10 ,  Floor : 5 -> Qty sent to Channel: 5
  • Inventory held in facility: 12 , Ceiling : 10 ,  Floor : 5 -> Qty sent to Channel: 10
  • Inventory held in facility: 7 , Ceiling : 10 ,  Floor : 5 -> Qty sent to Channel: 7

Overriding Default Inventory Policy for Specific SKUs

You can also set it for specific SKUs by going to Products -> Channel Catalog -> Select Online Channel -> Search for SKU -> Edit the SKU and change Inventory Source from Actual to Fixed.



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