An invoice is a legal document issued by a registered seller to other registered/unregistered sellers (may or may not be customers). Each order can have one or more invoices but a shipment can only have a maximum of one invoice.

A key difference between an order and an invoice is that the invoice also contains tax information.

Invoices In Primaseller:

  • For POS Orders – a retail invoice is generated as soon as an order is completed. One invoice is generated per order. 
  • For Online and B2B Orders – a maximum of one invoice can be generated per shipment.
  • An invoice is created only for items grouped by a shipment; which means for online and B2B orders, having a shipment is a pre-requisite for generating an invoice.
  • Invoices are generated for online and B2B shipments when you click on Print Invoice for the first time for that shipment.
  • As shipments are flexible till shipping is done and items can be removed from the shipment, removing items from a shipment will remove the invoice item also if the invoice is open (i.e. shipment is not marked as shipped).
  • The status of the invoice will be Open till the corresponding shipment is marked as shipped. The status will be updated to Closed post shipping of the shipment.
  • Once an invoice is closed, You cannot remove items from it. Items can only be marked as Returned.
  • Canceling one or more order items prior to shipping will cancel the invoice item.
  • Only Closed invoices get sent to Accounting Solutions (like Quick Books, etc.)

Invoice Sequence Numbers

You can configure the sequence of your invoice as per your requirement. You can choose to have different invoice number sequences for different channels or choose to have a common invoice series at the company level.

Learn more invoice sequence numbers here

Invoice Templates

You can also set invoice templates depending on the channel of sale and your business requirement.

Learn how to create invoice templates here

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