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Low Stock Tracking and Reporting

You can set re-order points on SKUs to get timely notifications if the available stock count is equal to or falls below the set value. This will help you organize your procurement seamlessly and avoid losses due to out-of-stock products. You can schedule Purchase Order creation automatically on Primaseller from our Purchase Planning section.


Re-Order Point: If the total available quantity for an SKU in a facility is equal to or below the Re-order point of that SKU, and if a Low Stock notification report is set for that facility – it will be considered for that report

Re-Stock Level: For PO Creation, the Re-stock level decides the quantity ordered of the PO which is the numerical difference between the Re-stock Level and the total quantity available.

If a PO is already sent for that SKU, then the quantity will be adjusted accordingly.

Quantity ordered = Restock level – (Quantity Available + Quantity pending Receipt)

Configure Re-Order Points and Re-Stock Levels

You can configure the Re-order points and Re-stock levels by following these steps:

  1. Go to Products
  2. Search the Product for which you want to track stock
  3. Click on the Product Name to view its details
  4. Scroll down to the SKU Section
  5. Click on Edit icon
  6. Set the Tracking as Enabled
  7. Provide the Re-order point and Re-stock level for the SKU

The same process can be handled in bulk using excel while uploading the Master Catalog. Navigate to Products -> Master Catalog -> Product Actions -> Upload Master Catalog.

You can first download the master catalog file and edit the values instead of using the sample file. The data will be present in the SKU sheet.

Before uploading the excel file, please fill relevant data as below:

  • “Track Stock Levels” – YES to enable low stock tracking
  • Reorder point and Restock level columns with corresponding values.

Create Low Stock Reports

Learn about creating Low Stock Reports and Automating Purchase Orders from here.

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