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Managing eBay Listings on Primaseller

Primaseller allows you to manage your eBay Listings directly from Primaseller. All you have to do is map your eBay listings with the products on Primaseller.

Pre-requisites of Mapping your eBay listings with Primaseller

  1. eBay Channel must be created on Primaseller and be connected to your eBay account
  2. Your products on eBay MUST have SKU CodesLearn about adding SKU codes to your eBay listing here

Handling Zero Quantity updates on eBay

Before you fetch or add any product to your eBay listing on Primaseller, please note the following:

If the quantity of any of your product becomes 0 on Primaseller, then Primaseller will try to update the same on all the connected marketplaces (including eBay). Since eBay does not allow 0 as valid value for some cases, we need to understand how will that be handled when you are synchronizing your eBay with Primaseller.

There are two flags on EBay,

  • “Out of Stock Control Preference” at your account level (Yes / No) and other is
  • “Good ‘Til Cancelled” set on products for the duration for which any particular listing is activated (3/ 5/ 7/ 10 days or more ).

You can / would have set these values from eBay directly.

Depending on these configurations / settings, 0 quantity stock from Primaseller will be handled on eBay as follows:

Handling Variants on eBay

The structure of the Product-SKU variants in eBay and Primaseller must match. This is no problem when you fetch your catalog from eBay. But if you have a different structure in Amazon and when you fetch your catalog from Amazon, then when trying to sync to eBay, it will fail because the Parent child structures do not match.

Example: You may have 3 variants as one product on Amazon and 2 variants as another product. And in eBay, if you have all 5 of them in a single product, syncing the eBay will fail.

Fetching the Products Directly from EBay

  • Please ensure that you have SKU codes for all your products on eBay before going for this way of adding products for eBay
  • Navigate to Products -> Channel Catalog -> Select your eBay channel
  • If you already have a few products in your channel catalog, you will see a “Sync All” button that needs to be clicked
  • If you do not have any products in the channel catalog, you will see an action for “Fetch from channel”
  • Choose the option to fetch new products as well as sync existing products
  • Seller SKU codes will be considered as equivalent of SKU codes and the new Products will be created on Primaseller master catalog if no matching SKU code is found in the Master Catalogue
  • Listing Prices will also be fetched from eBay. Selling Price (i.e. any special offer price, if set on eBay) is not fetched. You will have to update selling price on Primaseller (can be done in bulk using excel file)

To learn other methods of adding products click here

Please Note:

  1. Primaseller needs SKU codes on eBay to efficiently manage listing of your online marketplace (which is EBay in this case).
  2. If eBay does not display a Custom Code field (used to enter SKU Code) at the time of product listing, please use Selling Manager / Selling Manager Pro for listing on Ebay and provide your SKU codes in the Custom Value column
  3. Removing a product from Primaseller channel listing, will NOT remove it from EBay

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