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Managing Flipkart Listings on Primaseller

A limitation with Flipkart is that it is the only online channel which does not give us access to fetch your entire catalog.

This means, you need to replicate your catalog using excel or a fetch from another online channel (Amazon India or ebay India) and then add these products to the Flipkart Channel Catalog in Primaseller to initiate the Sync.

Pre-requisite: Add and connect your Flipkart account

There are two points at which you can import products into Flipkart Channel Catalog.

While creating your Flipkart Channel

As soon as you have connect with Flipkart, you can add SKUs to your Flipkart channel catalog on Primaseller. There are 3  ways of adding SKUs to Flipkart.

Cannot fetch Flipkart Catalog automatically

The option to fetch products from the channel will not be visible because Flipkart does not support that operation.

Flipkart__1add Products

As clear from the screenshot above, to add products you can:

  • Upload Channel Catalog in Excel File
  • Clone from Existing Channel
  • Import from Master Catalog

Each of these is discussed in detail later in the document.

For an Existing Flipkart Channel

  1. From Channels Menu:
    1. Click on Channels Menu
    2. Click on the View Products link corresponding to the channel whose listing you want to manage (if the channel is deactivated, you will be required to activate the channel to add SKUs to it)
    3. You will be taken to Products Menu >> Channel Catalog tab with the channel as pre-selected.
    4. The process from here will be same as mentioned below (from point 4 onward)
  2. From Products Menu:
    1. Click on Products Menu
    2. Click on the Channel Catalog tab
    3. Select the Flipkart channel from the list (if the channel doesn’t exists in the list here, go to Channels and create a new channel or activate the channel if it is deactivated)Channel catalogue_landing sheet
    4. If there are no existing SKUs in that channel’s listing on Primaseller, the screen will look like:Flipkart_add Products_2
      If there are some products already present in the channel listing / catalog, the screen appearance will be a bit changed but you can still add more SKUs using the same ways as mentioned earlier.

To learn how to add products click here

Please Note:

  1. Primaseller needs Seller SKU codes to efficiently manage listing of your online marketplace (which is Flipkart in this case).
  2. Removing a product from Primaseller channel listing, will NOT remove it from Flipkart.


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