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Manage Rejection of Shipments (RTO)

Those shipments which were dispatched by you and were returned back because the customer rejected them or did not accept them, are called as Rejected Shipments (Also referred to as RTO in some countries). There may be several reasons for the shipments to be rejected:

  • The customer refused to collect it
  • It was a COD order and the customer refused to pay
  • The customer was not available to collect the order
  • The address was wrong

Once a shipment is rejected and received back, you can mark it as Rejected using the following two-step process:

  • Step 1: Mark it as Reject in Progress
  • Step 2: Mark it as Rejected

Only those shipments which have been dispatched but not yet delivered can be marked as Rejected. If delivery has been made, the order items from that shipment can be marked as Returned.

Steps for marking shipment as rejected

  1. Click on the Online Orders menu and go to the Shipments sub-menu
  2. You will find a list of all the shipments with their status mentioned corresponding to them. The shipments which have the status Shipped, will also have a Reject icon next to them
  3. To mark a shipment as Rejected, you can click on that icon
  4. Once you confirm the process, the shipment status will change to Reject in Progress and the icon will change to Receive
  5. You can click on Receive to complete the process. On clicking on the Receive icon, a pop-up will appear giving you options to choose what you want to do with the inventory of that particular shipment. You will have 3 options for each item in the shipment:
    1. re-stock the inventory
    2. mark as damaged
    3. mark as lost
  6. After selecting the desired options, you can complete the rejection process by clicking on Receive.

You can also filter the Shipment by their statuses using the filter under the Shipments menu and select the option “Reject in Progress” to see the list of all the shipments for which the Rejection process has already been initiated. By doing so, you can select multiple shipments at a time and do a bulk “Receive Rejected” operation as well.


Q. Can I re-ship Rejected shipments?

A. No, you cannot re-ship rejected shipments.


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