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Handling B2B and Online Order Returns in Primaseller

Your Online and B2B returns can be tracked easily in Primaseller. However, before going into detail about returns management, let us understand the difference between ‘rejects’ and ‘returns’ and their significance in Primaseller.

Rejects vs Returns

Shipments which were dispatched by you but rejected without accepting and opening the shipment by the customer are called Rejected shipments. There may be several reasons for the shipments to be rejected like

  • The customer refused to collect it
  • It was a COD order and the customer refused to pay
  • The customer was not available to collect the order
  • The address was wrong

To learn how to process and accept Rejected Shipments, please read this article.

Returns are those order items which are received by the customer (i.e. were delivered) and then sent back to the vendor. This could be because:

  • The product was different from the one that was ordered
  • The product is damaged
  • The product was used
  • The product is not of the required fit
  • The customer changed her/his mind

While an entire shipment may be ‘rejected’, one or more order items can be ‘returned’ (if the order/shipment consists of multiple order items)

Handling Returns on Primaseller

Any order item, once delivered, can be marked as returned on Primaseller. Return is a two step process on Primaseller of Initiating a Return and Receiving a Return:

  1. From order details, identify items being returned
  2. From Actions of each item being returned, select Initiate Return
  3. Select the Quantity being returned
  4. This will move the item to Return in progress stage
  5. From the Actions again, select Receive Return – this will open up a popup with options for Inventory return and Refunds
  6. The options for Inventory management are:
    • Add the inventory back (i.e. restock)
    • Mark the inventory as damaged
    • Mark it as lost
    • Mark it as discarded

On selection of any of these and proceeding, the order item will be marked as Returned.

Effect of Returns on Shipments

The status of the order item(s) which is/are returned will be updated to Returned in the corresponding Shipment (and order as well).

Effect of Returned items on the Invoice

Invoices are not effected by returns and will remain unchanged.


Q. I have marked a few order items as returned on Primaseller. Will they be marked as returned on the corresponding channel (like Amazon/Magento) as well? 

A. No, they will not be marked as Returned on the marketplace. Either the marketplace updates the status on its own, or you update it manually.

Q. One of the orders has been marked as returned on Amazon. Will the status be updated automatically on Primaseller or will I have to do it manually?

A. Yes, they will be marked as Return in Progress. You can complete the returns process by selecting what should happen with the inventory for the order items.

Q. I am unable to find the option to mark an order item as returned. What to do?

A. Please check and confirm if the order item’s status is Delivered. If the status is delivered and you still can’t find the option, please contact our support team with the order details.

Q. An order item was marked as returned today for a particular channel, but on the dashboard, the same is not reflecting.

A. Your dashboard reflects the data as per the date of order created and not as per the date of cancellation / returned. To check the cancellation and returned details, please use the reporting module of Primaseller.

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