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Managing Shopify Listings on Primaseller

Primaseller allows you to manage your Shopify Listings directly from Primaseller. All you have to do is map your Shopify’s list of products with the products on Primaseller.

Pre-requisite: Shopify Channel must be created on Primaseller and be connected to your Shopify account

Adding Products to Channels

Case 1: While creating a New Channel

As soon as you are done with your channel creation, you can add SKUs to this channel on Primaseller. There are 4 major ways of adding SKUs to your channel which will be activated/deactivated depending on the channel type and its connection status as shown in the below screenshot.

As clear from the screenshot above, to add products you can:

  • Automatically fetch products from respective channel
  • Upload Channel Catalog in Excel File
  • Clone from Existing Channel
  • Import from Master Catalogue

Each of these is discussed in detail later in the document.

Note: This option is not available for Flipkart.

Case 2: Managing listings for an Existing Channel

  1. From Channels Menu:
    1. Click on Channels Menu
    2. Click on the View Products link corresponding to the channel whose listing you want to manage (if the channel is deactivated, you will be required to activate the channel to add SKUs to it)
    3. You will be taken to Products Menu >> Channel Catalogue tab with the channel as pre-selected.
    4. The process from here will be same as mentioned below (from point 4 onward)
  2. From Products Menu:
    1. Click on Products Menu
    2. Click on the Channel Catalogue tab
    3. Select the channel whose listing you want to manage (if the channel doesn’t exists in the list here, go to Channels and create a new channel or activate the channel if it is deactivated)Channel catalogue_landing sheet
    4. If there are no existing SKUs in that channel’s listing on Primaseller, the screen will look like:If there are some products already present in the channel listing/catalogue, the screen appearance will be different. But you can still add more SKUs using the same ways as mentioned earlier.

Add products to Shopify channel

Fetching the Products Directly from Shopify

  • Click on Sync from Shopify Channel
  • You will be asked if you want to fetch inventory as well from Shopify and assign to the facility associated with the channel
  • Seller SKU codes will be considered as equivalent of SKU codes and the new Products will be created on Primaseller master catalog if no matching SKU code is found in the Master Catalogue
  • Listing Prices will also be fetched from Shopify. Selling Price (i.e. any special offer price, if set on Shopify) is not fetched. You will have to update selling price on Primaseller (can be done in bulk using excel file)
  • This way of fetching the products is not recommended if you are using multiple listing for same product. (i.e. one SKU code has multiple Seller SKU code / Item Ids on Shopify) and you want to have same inventory for them on Primaseller. Fetching from Shopify will create multiple products (with different SKU codes) on Primaseller which may affect your data because you will have to manage inventory for each of these products separately.

To learn other methods of adding products click here

Please Note:

  1. Primaseller needs Seller SKU codes to efficiently manage listing of your online marketplace (which is Shopify in this case).
  2. Removing a product from Primaseller channel listing, will NOT remove it from Shopify.


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