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Manage your Supplier SKUs in Primaseller

A supplier SKU entry is a mapping of your internal SKU Codes and the Supplier’s SKU Code so that your purchase orders carry codes that your suppliers understand.

Here’s how you can add Supplier SKU code entries:

  1. Directly mapping your SKUs with suppliers
  2. Mapping supplier SKUs while raising purchase orders

Directly Mapping SKUs with Supplier SKUs

Navigation: Purchases menu -> Suppliers sub menu and select the SKUs tab for a supplier details.

You can add the Supplier SKU one by one (Add New SKU) or in Bulk (Upload via Excel) by using our Excel upload feature.

map supplier skus

Add Individually

If you choose to map it one by one, then the following popup will appear where you need to

  1. First search and select your internal SKU to be mapped
  2. Remaining fields will appear where you can add supplier SKU codes and other details.



The Supplier SKU Code and Supplier SKU Name correspond to what the Supplier would want to refer to the product as.

If the Supplier is willing to supply individual pieces in the same units as the quantity units you store and sell the SKUs in, set Is pack of Base SKU to No.

The Cost Price is the procurement price which a supplier has quoted for that SKU. It will be auto-fetched when you raise the PO which will save your time. (This cost price can be edited anytime, i.e. even when raising a PO).

Pack Price

If your product is a Pack, the Cost price is for the entire Pack.

SLA is the time which your supplier generally takes in fulfilling the request, if raised, for that particular SKU.

Supplier Packs

Let’s say your supplier sells you Soap Bars in packs of 6 each and insists that he will not sell you individual pieces, that’s when you set the Supplier SKU to be a pack of the base SKU.

In the example case, each supplier SKU will be a multiple of 5 of the base SKU. The Supplier SKU Name can be edited to match the pack Ex. Pack of 5 Soaps.

The Price will be the price of the Pack and not the individual SKUs and Purchase Order quantities will be the quantities of the Packs and not the SKUs.

Add in Bulk

You can add multiple Supplier SKUs at a shot by using our excel upload feature.

map skus in bulk

You can download the sample file format, fill up the fields in the file by providing the Supplier SKU data. Save the file and upload it back to Primaseller.

Note: Supplier SKU codes can be added only for those SKUs which exist in the Primaseller Master Catalog.

Mapping Supplier SKUs while Raising Purchase Orders

To raise a PO, you have to click on Purchase Order from the left and click on Add Purchase Order.

When raising a PO, you will be required to

  1. Select the Supplier from whom you want to procure SKUs
  2. Select the Facility for which you want to procure the SKUs
  3. Provide the Estimated Completion Date (i.e. tentative date by which your supplier will fulfill this order)
  4. Add SKUs to the PO
    • by searching for the SKUs using SKU codes
    • by scanning the barcodes

If the Supplier-SKU mapping exists for the product, the Supplier SKU code, Cost Price, etc. will be fetched from that mapping, else you can create a Supplier – SKU mapping for the SKUs by clicking on the corresponding link.

Manage Your Supplier SKUs in Primaseller

Below is an example where you can see a couple of SKUs-Supplier mappings.

Manage Your Supplier SKUs in Primaseller

Upon clicking on Create Supplier SKU, a popup window appears.


Enter the Supplier SKU data and click on Save.


  1. In the case of creating a Supplier SKU entry directly from a PO, just saving an Open PO will not create the mapping. Primaseller application will create the mapping only when you have sent the PO to the supplier.
  2. If you don’t provide any mapping for the unmapped SKUs, by default, the Seller SKU will be used as Supplier SKU and a mapping will be auto-created.

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