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Managing FBA and non-FBA(MFN) products in Primaseller

Primaseller does not manage FBA Inventory

While Primaseller can change the listing status from FBA to Non-FBA and the other way around, we do not update FBA inventory nor does Primaseller fetch FBA Inventory. You can do the same from SellerCentral Directly.

You can toggle between FBA(AFN) and non-FBA products in Primaseller from the Amazon Channel Catalog.

Navigate to Products -> Channel Catalog -> Amazon

FBA-MFN and toggling the values

You will notice that some products are AFN(FBA) and some are MFN. This was initially synced when we fetched data from Amazon.

Subsequently, toggling this value here in Primaseller toggles it in Amazon too.

Important Points to Note:

  1. Once connected, DO NOT change products to FBA or MFN from Seller Central. You should do it directly from Primaseller using the above toggle only. Doing it otherwise may be reversed by Primaseller in the next product update
  2. Updating a Product from MFN to AFN, does not mean an inventory transfer. You’ll have to separately create a shipment to the FBA warehouse using seller central.
  3. Changing FBA to MFN on a product in Amazon does not get reflected into Primaseller. We do this only for the first time the product is synced with Primaseller. Subsequently all updates are on-way from Primaseller to Amazon.

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