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Managing product Images

Each Product as well as SKU in the Master catalog can be assigned upto three images in Primaseller.

These images are in the form of URLs hosted in either your own website or marketplaces or a storage platform like dropbox (with a public URL to the image).


We currently do not support direct uploading of images. You will have to upload images somewhere else and use the URLs to those images in Primaseller. Inc ase of online channels, we will automatically detect the URLs of the images from the channel while fetching products.

Adding Images to products

Images can be added to products and SKUs using the following methods:

Add Images individually

You can go to the relevant product details page, edit the product or the individual SKUs to add URLs to the image fields.

Step : 1


Step : 2

Fetch from online channels

When you fetch your catalog or newly added products from online channels, we fetch images automatically from the catalog. If we do not find individual images for variants, we replicate product images into the SKUs.

Fetching updated images from an online channel

Primaseller does not support fetching updated images or any other descriptive attribute of the product from an online channel if the product/SKU already exists. You will then have to add images individually or using the Master Catalog upload option.

Add in Bulk using Master Catalog Upload

You can add images to both Products as well as SKUs by populating image 1, image 2 and image 3 columns in both sheets from the given template.

For Product Image:


For SKU Image

Previewing Images

Images once added can be previewed from most screens including:

  • Master Catalog list
  • Inventory Page
  • Channel Catalog Page
  • Order Details Page
  • Supplier SKU Page

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