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Manifest and Scan Forms while Shipping

A manifest is a collection of shipments. You can add shipments to an open manifest but not to a closed manifest. Once you are done with assigning a shipper (required), printing of invoices and shipment labels (optional), you can manifest your shipments.

Creating a Manifest

You can create a Manifest by:

  1. Go to Manifests from Online Orders -> Shipments -> Manifests and Create a new Manifest. You can scan tracking numbers here to add the shipments to the manifest
  2. You can also add shipments to a Manifest from the order details page. This option is available on the Actions segment of the Shipment as shown below

You can create a New Manifest or add the shipment to an existing, but open, manifest. To add shipments to a manifest you can directly search the shipments by scanning their AWB numbers.

Shipping a Manifest

A manifest can be closed by marking it as shipped which will Ship all Shipments within the Manifest.

  • Adding a shipment to a manifest is an optional step. You can also mark a shipment as shipped without adding it to a manifest. Once a manifest is marked as shipped or the shipment is shipped, the invoice will be deemed as closed and order items can not be cancelled from it henceforth – they can only be returned.
  • Shippers like Canada Post for Canadian Shipments (in case you have a Price Contract) and Royal Mail for UK insist on a Scan Form – These forms will be available to Print for these specific shippers.¬†

In the case of Contractual Canada Post Accounts and Royal Mail, Manifest process to generate the scan form is mandatory. You will have to Print the Scan Form and hand it over to the person picking up the shipments.

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