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Order Processing Flow

Note: For POS Store Orders, read this guide.

For a detailed representation of the Order Processing flow , click here.

Order and Item statuses in Primaseller

There are some statuses that one must be aware of in Primaseller:

  • Order Status: The overall status of the order as a whole
  • Item Status: The Status of each SKU in the order in the flow of the order towards completion
  • Item Inventory Status: The fulfillment status of how Item of the order consumes Inventory in the system
  • Shipment Status: All Items in an Order are bundled into a Shipment which is eventually shipped. This Status depicts the status of that bundle.

The below table depicts the stages of an order and items through an order’s life-cycle in Primaseller.

Order Status Item Status Item Inventory Status Shipment Status What this Combination of Statuses Represents Action Needed
Received Received Unfulfilled - The order has been received in the system but is not allocated to a facility (Warehouse or Store) Assign Facility
Processing Unpacked Unfulfilled - The Order has been Received in the system but has not been allocated inventory and not part of a shipment Raise Purchase Order to get inventory in the system
Processing UnPacked Blocked - Inventory has been deducted from Available stock and blocked for this item Create Shipment
Processing Packed Blocked Packed Items have been added to a shipment Assign Shipper
Processing Packed Blocked (Forced) Packed This happens when you forcefully create a shipment for unfulfilled items. No inventory is deducted in this case. Assign Shipper
Processing Ready to Ship Blocked Ready to Ship A Shipper has been assigned to the shipper and tracking details are set Ship
Processing Shipped Fulfilled Shipped A Shipment has been shipped and stock has left the facility. Blocked inventory goes down at this point. Mark as Delivered
Complete Delivered Fulfilled Delivered The Item has been delivered

Step 1: Receiving an Order

Online Orders are fetched every 10 minutes from the respective channels.

B2B Orders are created by the user in the system. Learn about creating B2B orders here

Step 2: Assigning the Order to a Facility

Only after an order has been associated with a facility can the inventory fulfillment be checked.

You can configure how orders are assigned to a facility when you create a channel on Primaseller.

Click here to read more about assigning orders to facilities.

Step 3: Create and Process Shipments and Invoices

Each order can have one or more shipments depending on the channel configuration or the channel permissions. Each Shipment can have one Invoice.

Learn more about Creating and Processing Shipments here.

Cancellation, Rejection and Return

  • Manage Cancellations

    If the customer requests to cancel the order, and you have not dispatched the shipment yet (i.e. not marked it as shipped in Primaseller), you can mark the shipment as cancelled (fully or partially).

    Click here to learn managing cancellations.

  • Manage Rejected Shipments

    Shipments that have been shipped can be rejected by the customer and can be received by the vendor as is. In such cases, you can mark the shipments as Rejected and choose what action has to be performed with the corresponding inventory.

    Click here to manage rejected shipments.

  • Manage Returned Items

    Delivered order items can be marked as Returned. You will be able to select what has to be done with the inventory corresponding to that order item. You can either add it back (re-stock) or discard it.

    Click here to manage returned shipments.

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