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Payments in Primaseller

Payments Structure

Payment is a child object that belongs to the parent Order object, just like a Shipment or an Invoice. One Order can have multiple Payments and each can be either Pending, Paid or Cancelled. Paid Payments can also be Refunded.

Payment Methods

You can add several methods to accept or refund a payment against your orders. Some commonly used methods are Cash, Card, Credit, Cheque, and Bank Transfer.

  1. Click on the Settings icon from the left menu
  2. Click on Payments, Taxes and Invoicing Payment Methods

For each of these methods, you can select whether you want it to show on your POS or not. You can also select the default payment status for each of these.

We recommend that for payment methods such as Cash or Card, keep the default status as Paid and for Credit to be marked as Pending. Payments that are in Pending stage, can be later marked as Paid or Cancelled.

In case you want to add a new payment method, you can click on Add Payment Method tab. Here, you can specify the name of the new payment method, whether to Show on POS or not and the default payment status.

Payment Transactions

A payment is a transaction on an order using a Payment Method.

Each payment can be in the following self explanatory stages:

  • Pending – Use this if you are yet to receive the amount
  • Paid – To be marked as paid when the amount is received
  • Cancelled – A pending payment can be marked as cancelled if you think the amount will not be received or has been incorrectly created

For POS orders or online orders, payments will be created manually. For B2B orders, you can create them while creating the order or add payments later.

A refund is a type of payment on an order with negative value. You can choose payment methods for refunds too. You can add refunds while returning items of an order too or choose to add a refund later.

You can view payments and refunds for each order in the detailed view of the order.


If your default payment method for Card is set as Paid, then the order will go to complete by default without collecting. Please keep the default payment status for Card as Pending if you are using an integrated payment device.

Integrated payments device is connected to Card as a payment mode. Please do not remove card as a payment mode

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