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Pricing your Products in Primaseller

Prices in Primaseller are set on

  • SKUs in the Master Catalog as default values and
  • These are overridden by prices set on the SKU on each Channel Catalog. This means that each channel can have its own pricing.

Price Components


  1. Listing Price: This is the Printed or Listed price of the product (MSRP or MRP)
  2. Selling Price: This is the actual price of the product at which it is sold. It could be the same as the Listing price or the final discounted price. Ideally it should not be greater than the Listing Price. However, while creating orders, an additional discount can be added to this in the Order create screens for POS and B2B.

For Orders from online channels, we simply refer to the price on the transaction and do not refer to the channel catalog.


  1. Cost Price: This is the price at which an SKU is estimated to be purchased. It is the default value while creating Supplier SKUs which are used while creating Purchase Orders.

Price Tiers in Primaseller

We currently do not support customer specific pricing in Primaseller. However, especially for B2B, we allow multiple channels to be created – each can have it’s own pricing. All channels will feed orders into the same warehouse for fulfillment.

Hence if your customers can be divided into 3 Price Tiers – Then you can create 3 B2B channels each with their own Pricing. While creating an order, you choose the Channel (and hence Price Tier) that the customer belongs to.

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