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Creating and Processing Purchase Orders

Purchase Orders (POs) are documents issued by the buyer(retailer/wholesaler) to his supplier/vendor when he needs to procure items from the supplier’s store. A purchase order is made for a specific facility which acts as a destination facility.

The first step towards raising a purchase order is setting up your supplier on Primaseller. After setting up your supplier, you can create a purchase order.

Learn how to set up your supplier here

  1. Click on the Purchases icon from the left menu
  2. Click on Purchase Orders submenu

This is the Purchase Orders summary page.

How to create a Purchase Order

  1. Click on the Add Purchase Order tab in the top right corner.
  2. Select a supplier from where you want to source your order
  3. Select a destination facility where you want to receive your order
  4. Optionally, add an estimated delivery date to help you track your PO better
  5. You can add products in two ways:
    • Search and add products from your catalog on Primaseller. Each product will have a Supplier SKU code along with a Seller SKU code. In case a Seller SKU code doesn’t have a corresponding Supplier SKU code, you can map them. Read more on how to manage Supplier SKUs here.
    • Scan to add products using a Barcode scanner. Place the cursor on the search bar and scan. After adding a product you can create Supplier SKUs by clicking on Create Supplier SKU. Some products may already have Supplier SKUs and will appear with Supplier SKU details.
  6. You can change the quantity to be ordered and the cost price if required. Once you have added all the products you want to purchase, you can do one of the following:
    • Save – This will save the order as an Open PO which can be edited later
    • Save and Send – This will complete the PO creation process and mark it as ‘Sent‘ – Primaseller will automatically email a copy of the PO to the supplier.

Processing Purchase Orders

When your vendor receives the purchase order, he/she can do one among the following:

  • Send all goods at once
  • Send goods in batches
  • Decline the order

With Primaseller, you will be able to manage any of the above situations. Each PO can have one or more Receipts. If your vendor sends you goods in batches, then each time you receive a batch, a receipt can be generated.

A purchase order can attain the following stages:

  • Open
  • Sent
  • Receipt in Progress
  • Closed
  • Cancelled


Open purchase orders are those which you have created but not sent to your supplier. When the purchase order is in the Open state you have the option to either send it or cancel it. It will correspondingly make the PO move to Sent state or Cancelled state.


Once you have sent your purchase order to your supplier for your facility, you can see it under the Sent section.

When you receive a purchase order, you can update it’s status by clicking on the respective PO# under the Sent tab. The page will look like this:

At this point, (when your PO is in the Sent state) you have three options:

  • You may cancel the PO
  • You can receive a portion of your PO
  • You can receive the entire PO

If you are not receiving your order, click on Cancel PO. This will send your PO from Sent state to Cancelled state.

If you receive your purchase order partially, click on Receive or Start Receiving. On the next page choose the product and quantity that you are receiving. Click on Save Receipt.

If you are receiving all of your PO then click on Receive All. Then click on Save Receipt.

Receipt In Progress

In the Sent state, if you opt for Receive or Receive All then the PO moves to the Receipt in Progress tab.

Primaseller also enables you to print barcodes on receiving a purchase order.

  • Go to Receipts in Progress
  • Click on your purchase order
  • Click on Receipts
  • Corresponding to your purchase order, click on the barcode icon
  • Print Barcode” screen appears. Fill the details and generate the label.
How Many Receipts can a PO have?

A PO can have multiple receipts in case your supplier sends the goods partially. Also, the quantity received can exceed the quantity ordered.


When the PO is in Receipt in Progress state you can choose to complete the purchase order process by clicking on Mark as Closed

After you have marked the purchase order as closed you can see it under Closed section.


A purchase order may attain a Cancelled state after it is canceled from either Open state or Sent state


On receiving a purchase order, Primaseller creates a receipt for that purchase order.

  • You can view receipts by clicking on the Purchase Order you have received and then Receipts
  • You can print a barcode label for the items received. To print, click on the barcode logo corresponding to your receipt
  • Provide the details like Label Template, Paper Roll Style and No. of Labels


  • You cannot edit a closed PO
  • You can cancel an open or sent PO
  • User can only add receipts to a PO in ‘Sent’ or ‘Receipt-in-Progress’ stages
  • If you mark a PO as closed, it does not mark remaining pending purchase items as received. It simply closes the PO from further editing
  • Primaseller prints Barcodes for all products coming under a receipt in a single shot
  • Only one open PO for a Facility – Supplier combination is allowed. You can have only one open PO at a time for any combination of Facility & Supplier. If you try to raise another PO for the same combination, the system will ask you to either discard the existing PO and continue with the new one or to load the open PO again for you to add more SKUs to it.

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