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Add Inventory by Scanning Barcodes

Primaseller allows you to add your inventory to your facilities by scanning barcodes.

  • Click on Products from the left menu
  • Go to Inventory

Steps to add inventory using barcodes

  1. Click on the Products Menu and then Inventory
  2. Click on Inventory Actions
  3. Select the option, Scan to Increment

  4. You will be asked to select a facility (store or warehouse) to which you want to add inventory
  5. Click on Scan and keep the cursor on the Text Box for searching SKU codes
  6. Start scanning the barcodes
  7. The SKUs will keep on adding in the list below

  8. Update the details (Stock quantity, Purchase Price) if you want to and click on Save Button

Inventory will be added to the selected facility.


The scanned barcode must correspond to an existing barcode SKU code in the Primaseller Master Catalog. Otherwise you will be required to create that SKU in Primaseller.

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