Seller SKU Code

In Primaseller, you identify each SKU with an SKU Code. You would have entered a code while listing your products on online channels РThis is the Seller SKU Code.

Most of the time, the SKU code is the same as the Seller SKU Code. However, if you hadn’t handled your online listings well earlier and had different SKU codes listed on each online channel, you can handle it in the corresponding channel catalog entry by mapping your correct SKU code to the Seller SKU Code present in the online channel.

Syncing Inventory of the same SKU Code to multiple listings

If you have multiple versions of your SKU listed or variations that you would like to be updated from the same SKU, you can modify the Channel Catalog for each Seller SKU to be mapped to the same SKU code.

You can do this one by one or by modifying and uploading the Channel Catalog by excel as well.

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