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Invoice Configuration

Each channel can have its own invoice template, which depends on the guidelines provided by the online channel or the type of printer you use at your retail outlet. You can configure the channel and invoice template association from a set of pre-defined templates. A channel can have only one invoice template associated with it.
You can also set different invoice number sequences for different channels or go ahead with the same sequence for all the channels.

  1. Click on the Settings icon from the left menu
  1. Click on Invoice Configuration under the heading, Payments, Taxes and Invoicing

Assign Invoice Template to a Channel

  1. The Default template will apply to all channels except when it is overridden
  2. To add a new template, click on “Add New Template” or edit an existing template
  3. Choose a template and the channel you are assigning an invoicing template 
  4. Add all configuration details to the template in all sections 
  5. You can configure the following sections:
    1. Design – Basic header, footer and logo
    2. Company – Company Name, Address and Tax information can be configured here
    3. Customer – Choose what customer details need to be shown
    4. Data – configure what data appears from the underlying invoice information
    5. Email – configure the sender name and reply-to email here
  6. Click on Save

Set Invoice Sequence Numbers

You can set different invoice sequence numbers for some or all the channels depending on your requirement. To create a new sequence and assign it to any channel

  1. Click on the Sequence Numbers tab
  2. Click on Add New Sequence
  3. Set the Sequence Pattern and Starting Sequence Number for that particular channel

Use of Valid Tags

Primaseller has a list of tags which can be added to your sequence. These tags will automatically change depending on the current value.

For example, assume that you have set the sequence as PRIMA/{yyyy}-{00000}

  • PRIMA, in the above example, is a static text and will be present in all invoices as-is
  • {yyyy} will show 2017 for current year and will change automatically to 2018 from 1st Jan 2018
  • {00000} is the invoice counter and it will increment by 1 with each new invoice that is created


The sequence will be effective only for the invoices generated after the sequence was set/updated. All the invoices created before setting up/updating of the sequence numbers will have invoice number depending on your previous setting.

Channel wise Invoice Configuration.

You can configure the date on the invoices of your online channels in the channel configuration. You will be able to see the invoice configuration option in the channel configuration where you can configure the invoice settings for that online channel.

Invoice Configuration: You can set the date on invoices using this configuration. You will have three options to choose from:

  • Current Date: The invoice date will be the invoice creation date.
  • Date of sale: The invoice date will be the date on which the order was created.
  • Date of shipment creation: The invoice date will be the date on which the shipment for the order was created.

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